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International league of manufacturers (ILM) was established in 2005 as association of equipment manufacturers for potentially dangerous industrial objects, being under construction or reconstruction on the territory of CIS countries.
ILM was founded on the basis of International union of expert organization and certification bodies “Expert Holding”, which is active at the market of CIS countries since 1995.
ILM employs well-developed infrastructure, which has been created by “Expert Holding” during its existence at the market, including representation offices of Holding in Russia, other CIS countries and the far abroad.
ILM cooperates with 18 thousand Holding specialists located practically in all big cities of Russia and capitals of CIS countries.
More than 150 manufacturing plants that deliver their products to the territory of CIS countries have become members of ILM and its number is constantly growing. ILM members have a right to mark their products with a sign of conformity registered in Russia.
Any fair equipment manufacture can become ILM member if acquired right of access to the market of Russia and other CIS countries by means of league of manufacturers specialized bodies (certification bodies, technical expertise, test laboratory).
ILM strategy is aimed at establishing long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with equipment manufacturers, interested in promising market of CIS countries.

ILM primary intent – render assistance to fair equipment manufacturers in their products promotion to the market of CIS.

ILM principles

Cooperation with International union of expert organization and certification bodies, that has long experience and highly skilled specialists in various branches of industry at its disposal, allows ILM to satisfy the demands of our customers at any stage of their product promotion to CIS market.
ILM assigns individual experienced manager to each customer, who guides a project starting from first application, execution of the contract up to putting the equipment into operation.
ILM is ready to cooperate with any equipment manufacture, however is specialized at the equipment for:


Heavy industry;
Highly-explosive-flammable industry; 
Oil and Gas Industry
Mining and coal industry
Chemical, petrochemical and oil-gas-processing industry
Objects of power engineering 
Gas-supply system
Metallurgy and by-product-coking industry
Building and road construction 
Grain storage and processing objects 


As well as other kinds of equipment being a source of increased danger:


  • Steam– and hot-water boilers and vessels working under pressure;
  • Erecting cranes, hoists, lifts, ropeways, escalators, funiculars etc.;
  • Tanks and containers for hazardous substances transportation and storage.


Operation of such equipment is under state supervision in CIS countries. The equipment delivery to these countries is allowed only on condition that it is supplied with certificates and permit issued by authorized supervision body (in Russia it is Rostechnadzor).
ILM exploits Expert Holding representation offices in all big cities of Russia and CIS capitals as well as in: Japan (Tokyo), Czech Republic (Prague), Germany (Erfurt, Bad Reichenhall), Croatia (Pula).
League has its representatives in different parts of Europe and is expanding its representation net throughout the world.


The league has its representatives in various countries of Europe and expanded the system of representation.

Our representations

Japan / Tokyo

Tokyo 167-0051, Suginami-ku
Ogikubo 5-chome, 208, 14-4, PROMTEC

Czech Republic / Praha
Svetlana Machachkova

PSĆ 190 00, Praha 9, Na Krocínce 36
Tel.: +42 07 77858632
Fax.: +42 06 45413146

Germany / Erfurt
Odinez Anton

99096 Erfurt, Melchendorfer Strasse 64

TÜV Thuringen e.V.
Tel.: +49-361-4283252
Fax.: +49-361-4283253

Croatia / Pula
Chumak-Zhun Ekaterina

52100 Pula, Kazada, 18, Hrvatska
Tel.: +385-52-517662
Fax.: +385-52-517662