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ILM renders the whole range of services in order to promote products of manufacturing plants to the market of CIS countries:

Questions about licensing? Here are the answers


- Marketing

- Search of potential buyers of the equipment

- Obtaining all licensing documentation required for equipment delivery (certificates, permits, licenses etc.)

- Transport services

- Assistance in custom clearance

- Translation and adjusting covering technical documentation in accordance with requirements of normative documentation

- Equipment installation on the buyer’s site

- Carrying out precommissioning jobs

- Putting equipment into operation, obtaining the permit to run the equipment

- Training operating staff

- Warranty and post–warranty service and maintenance

- Representation services

- Legal support of the projects  


ILM will carry out CIS market research with drawing up a conclusion on expediency to enter the market of these countries with certain type of product. It will reveal demand for equipment produced by your company, define existence and possibilities of the plants located on the territory of CIS countries, give objective appraisal of quality-price ratio.

Search of equipment buyers

ILM has its representatives practically in all big cities of Russia and CIS capitals.
These representatives work in engineering centers of Expert Holding and check technical state of the equipment that has run out its standard operation time but still being in operation in different regions of CIS countries.
Engineering centers determine potential of further operation of such equipment and are authorized by state technical supervision body to make the following decisions:

Obtaining all licensing documentation required for equipment delivery (certificates, permits, licenses etc.)

ILM define the necessity of obtaining certificates and other licensing documents, required at delivery of certain equipment to CIS countries.
The following documents can be required upon delivery to Russia:

Certification can be mandatory or voluntary.
“Expert Holding” incorporates certification bodies accredited for all types of the equipment for industrially dangerous objects:

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Transport services

Equipment for industrially dangerous objects is usually bulky. And it causes great obstacles to deliver such equipment.
ILM helps you to organize transportation of such cargo.


Assistance in custom clearance

A company can face a lot of problems during the procedure of custom clearance at custom authorities of the country, where the equipment is being delivered.
As a result the equipment goes to customs warehouse and is kept there until all the questions are sold.
ILM offers to decide all the questions with customs authorities in advance in order to undergo custom clearance without any delays and payment of penalty provisions.
Designation of certain foreign-economic activity code (Customs code) can also be solved with customs authority. Sometimes due to inappropriate coding applicant has to pay custom duty 2-4 times more, than it is prescribed by the requirements. ILM designates code and submits it to customs authorities for approval in advance, before the cargo arrives at the customs.

Translation and adjusting covering technical documentation in accordance with requirements of normative documentation

Technical documentation that comes with the equipment shall not only be translated into Russian but be in conformity by its form and content with legislation requirements of the country where it is delivered.
For example, a passport of strictly definite form shall be drawn up for the equipment supervised by Rostechnadzor.
On the grounds of this passport equipment is registered by Rostechnadzor authorities.
ILM translates technical documentation and prepares it in accordance with Rostechnadzor requirements.

Equipment installation on the buyer's site

Installation of the equipment delivered to CIS can be carried out by specialists from manufacturing plant, however, as a rule, it is not reasonable.
There are erection crews in CIS countries that have special permit to such jobs. Chief-erection of the equipment is often done by local erection crew under supervision of specialist from manufacturing plant.
By agreement with Expert Holding ILM involves holding specialists for erection works. Such erection crews are available practically in all regions of Russia and other CIS countries and they can carry out works on high level on their own as well as under supervision of manufacture’s specialist. For erection works of the equipment, which is under control of technical supervision bodies, permit issued by these bodies is required. Expert Holding specialists have such a permit, they are trained and certified to carry out installation works.


Carrying out precommissioning jobs

In CIS countries for carrying out precommisionning jobs a special permit is required.
Engineer centers of Expert Holding have such licenses and by agreement with ILM can carry out these works on their own or under supervision of manufacturer’s specialist.
During the process of obtaining the permit to operate the equipment it plays a significant role, who has carried out erection and precommisioning jobs.

Putting equipment into operation obtaining the permit to run the equipment

Equipment that has been installed on Customer’s site shall be supplied with permit on its operation from technical supervision body.
Technical supervision inspector examines new equipment, studies available technical documentation, reports of expert organizations,
requisite certificates and other authorization-based documents.
In regard with some questions that can arise after analysis of the documents presented, the customer can get the permit to operate the equipment only after elimination of all remarks made by the inspector.
ILM prepares in advance technical documentation on equipment in conformity with normative documents requirements currently in force in CIS countries and shows them to the inspector ensuring receipt of the permit to put the equipment into operation.
There are cases when deviations from safety regulations requirements revealed by the inspector have been eliminated during 6-12 months. All this time the equipment couldn’t be put into operation and customer incurred losses due to idle stand of the equipment already purchased and installed.
You are recommended to apply to ILM to avoid such situations.


Training of operating staff

Skilled certified personnel shall service equipment that is under control of technical supervision bodies.
Equipment produced by foreign manufacturers, as a rule, is designed and manufactured in compliance with international codes that differ from normative documents currently in force in CIS countries. That’s why it’s very important to train servicing personnel to peculiarities of construction and safety operation of the equipment, to certify them to operate certain type of equipment.
ILM carries out teaching of operating personnel in training centers of Expert Holding. Students are certified and get operation’s licence to run the equipment of foreign manufacture.
Moreover Expert Holding recruits personnel to operate equipment of foreign producer.
Applications for personnel training shall be submitted to ILM in advance.


Warranty and post-warranty service and maintenance

Nowadays manufacturing plants have a chance to occupy great share of CIS market on condition that they organize a wide net of service centers. The territory of these countries is so vast that it is almost impossible to set up up-to-date equipment service all over the territory without serious assistance from local partners.
ILM can establish a system of service centers in all parts of CIS taking advantage of Expert Holding possibilities.
In engineering centers of holding about 18 thousand experienced specialists, dealing with industrial equipment with expired service life period, are occupied.
ILM offers manufacturers a unique opportunity to organize their service centers in dozens of cities in CIS at once.


Representation services

For example, foreign company can quite easily establish representative office in Moscow but the cost of this even economical project will make out from 500 thousand till 1 million Euro per year.
However effect of this representation seems to be ambiguous.
ILM offers the companies interested in CIS countries market thorough assistance and execution of representation capacity. This assistance costs considerably less but it is much more effective from economic point of view.

Legal support of the projects

Foreign companies in Russia and other CIS countries often face infinite lawlessness connected with peculiarities of legislation system in those countries.
However it doesn’t mean that law-abiding policy of business on this territory is impossible.
ILM has juridical department that is specialized in legal support of foreign companies.
Extend of required legal support and amount of payment for the services rendered shall be stipulated in a separate contract.